Supreme Court Reserves Judgement

pumasmallThe Supreme Court of Western Australia heard the appeal against the decision approving Dunsborough Puma petrol station development Monday, Feb. 12. The judge, calling the case unusual, said she will have to consider the matter carefully and will deliver her judgement “in due course”.

More information on the appeal is available here


Over 99% against Dunn Bay Rd location for Puma-poll

A poll released this week shows that over 99% of the residents of Dunsborough do not want the Puma petrol station/convenience store in the centre of town.  The poll, carried out by the Dunsborough and Districts Progress Assn, surveyed more than 10% of the residents of the 9281 and 9282 postal districts (Dunsbourgh and the surrounding area)  and found  that 99.2% wanted the petrol retail operation on the outskirts of town, rather on than on Dunn Bay Road.

At the SAT hearing last February, the presiding member  (judge) threw out a petition signed by over 4,500 requesting the development not to go ahead.  She dismissed the petition as she could not be sure all those who signed were from Dunsborough.  For this reason, the survey was restricted to Dunsborugh residents and ratepayers.

Under state planning law local governments (and DAPs) are required to take into account the impact of the development on the local community.

Puma Petrol Station in Dunsborough-The saga enters its third year!

In late 2015 the City of Busselton published plans by local developers to put a third petrol retailer in the centre of Dunsborough on Dunn Bay road, 300m from two other service stations. That plan and the subsequent  Development Appeals Tribunal (DAP) hearings galvanized the Dunsborough community and Puma2Go was created to fight the development.

In late September 2017, the  government appealed a decision by the State Administrative  Tribunal (SAT) that allowed the development. The Supreme Court will hear the appeal in Perth February 12, 2018.

The SAT decision, allowing a six bay Puma petrol station (disguised as a convenience store) to fill the second to last vacant block in Dunsborough’s main street-Dunn Bay Road was not surprising,  given the comments made at the hearing by the senior presiding member. However it was a big disappointment to the Dunsborough community. After the decision was announced the community met and decided to continue the fight. The DAP subsequently appealed the decision. The appeal was heard by the Supreme Court of Western Australia Monday Feb 12, 2018 and the judge reserved her decision.

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