Puma Energy

imagespumaPuma Energy is the Australian branch of Puma Energy, Geneva which in turn is owned by the Netherlands based, Trafigura, the second largest international oil trading company in the world and the Angolan state energy company Sonangol.  Puma  moved into Australia in 2013 when it purchased among others the Gull, Matilda and Peak brands.  It currently has 270 “service stations and unmanned sites” in Australia.

Angolan "Convenience Store"

Angolan “Convenience Store”

Puma is aggressively expanding around the world. It has 2,468 retail sites in 47 countries.  Their strategy is to have a consistent image and branding worldwide.

This year Puma Energy launched in Australia its 7th Street brand in Gisborne, N.S.W. This is the model that will be used in Dunsborough and across the country.

You can find more about Trafigura’s environmental record and trading issues here and  and an Amnesty International report here.

The General Manager of Puma Australia is Ray Taylor-nope, Ian Ross-nope, Jim Raszyk-nope. A prize to anyone who knows! He/She/It can be contacted here:
365 Macarthur Avenue,
Queensland 4007
Tel: +61 7 3457 2500

Customer Service:
Tel: 1300 723 706

General Email Address:  greensquare.reception@pumaenergy.com

PR Email Address: sue.monk@colelawson.com.au