Puma Energy and the RAC

pumaRACPuma Energy has entered into an agreement with the RAC that gives it’s members a discount on their fuel.

If you are unhappy with this arrangement you might want to send the RAC a letter such as this sent by a local resident:

Tony Evans, RAC President
GPO Box C140, Perth, WA 6839

Dear Mr Evans,

I am a Dunsborough resident and writing to you to inform you of my disappointment in your company for partnering with Puma Energy

I believe Puma Energy has been a poor corporate citizen. They have used a legal loop hole to gain planning approval from the State Administrative Tribunal for a petrol station in the center of Dunsborough.

By calling their petrol station a convenience store Puma have been able to bypass planning regulations.

Puma have continued to pursue the petrol station despite objections from the local community and the City of Busselton (the local council). An alternative location for the petrol station was identified by the community but Puma have refused to negotiate with the community.

I am writing to let you know that I have road side assist. As a country driver I can’t afford not to. But I will be avoiding purchasing any RAC products or insurance for as long as the RAC continues its relationship with Puma Energy . ( I am boycotting all Puma and Gull Service Stations)

I am not sure if the RAC is aware of the arguments against the Puma Petrol Station in the center of Dunsborough. I urge you to make yourself aware of the corporate behaviour of your business partners.

Yours Sincerely

or online  https://rac.com.au/about-rac/contact-us/enquiry