What Can I do-


Fortunately there are a range of things you can do to help stop this development going ahead,.

1. Volunteer to help. Click here

2. Sign the petition. See the link on the right or click here and also make some suggestions on what to do next at the Contact Us page here.

3. Sign the pledge to boycott the Puma Energy petrol station if the development goes ahead. You can do that here.

4. The owners of the company that owns the land, DCSC Pty Ltd; could decide not to proceed with the development. They could go back to Puma and explain the development is not in it’s best interest and then work with the community and the COB to come up with a mutually acceptable development. If you know any of the owners (see here), you could try to persuade them to think of the community’s interests as well as their own and work together in solving this problem. Or if you have deep pockets you could offer to buy the land from them. A park would be nice. In your name.

5. Puma could decide the center of Dunsborough is not a good location for its petrol station disguised as a convenience store, especially if it is going to upset the local community. You could contact the General Manager of Puma Energy Australia, Ian Ross at 1300 723 706 or email at ian.ross@pumaenergy.com You could let him know you plan to boycott his existing Puma and Gull petrol stations in the area and you will boycott the Dunsborough servo if it is in our main street. Operating a business in winter in Dunsborough without local residents as clients is not a profitable outlook. Next time you are at one of the neighboring Gull or Puma stations you could let the management know they risk losing your business, if the development goes ahead and they should pass on the message to HQ.

6. You can spread the message. Tell your friends in Perth. You never know who might be a Supreme Court judge.

8. You could buy a very stylish Puma2Go T-shirt and wear your heart on your…..heart. Place an order here.

9. You could keep your fingers crossed that the Court of Appeal upholds the appeal and rules the development is Illegal,  Dead. Finished. Done.