DCSC Pty Ltd

The following Press release was issued on behalf of DCSC Jan 2, 2019.

Paul Kotsoglo, Planner and Spokesperson for DCSC Pty Ltd, announced today that the
agreement with Puma Energy lapsed on 31st December 2018.

Despite legal advice that a High Court challenge would have a high probability of success, the parties have mutually agreed not to extend the agreement to develop a convenience store and fuel outlet in Dunsborough.

The State Administrative Tribunal twice ruled in favour of the project but a successful appeal by the State in the Supreme Court has seen the matter referred back to the tribunal for reconsideration.

Mr Kotsoglo noted there is now a great deal of uncertainty with regards to land use given thatthe City of Busselton  and the State Government can make changes to the permitted land useunder the zoning at any time.

“We are not the first, and will not be the last party, to be thwarted by a long, expensive and an unpredictable approvals process. The ability of the State to change rules at will during the approval process is cause for concern for anyone with an interest in or who owns property.”

The syndicate will now consider other commercial options for the development of the land.

DCSC is a company with its principle place of business  55 Dunn Bay Road (The Centrepoint Shopping Centre), Dunsborough, WA. 6281.

It was registered in 2002 to develop the Centrepoint Shopping Centre in Dunsborough. It owns Lot 108 (57) Dunn Bay Road, adjacent to the shopping centre.  It wants to develop a 6 bay petrol retailer which the State Appeals Tribunal has designated a convenience store.  Puma Energy will be leasing this property if it goes ahead.


It is owned by six entities:                                   It’s directors are:

BRICON PTY LTD-30%.                                                     Kylie Brierty

FRANK PAPPAS NOMINEES PTY. LTD.-22.5%.          Theodora Pappas


PETER SILVIO DE CHIERA-10%.                                   Peter De Chiera

TUMBLEGUM PTY LTD-10%                                          Michael Edwards

ZINNSTON PTY LTD-5%                                                  Gary Zinnecker

This information is valid as of November 16, 2017